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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Artsy Get Your Brad Adkins Figurine Now

Posted by Chas Bowie on Wed, Aug 9 at 12:20 PM

You might know artist Scott Wayne Indiana from his Portland Horse Project in which he tied tiny plastic ponies to horse rings across the city, or you might have caught his Waiting Room installation of 39 axes lodged in the ceiling* at Portland Art Center. And you probably know Brad Adkins as Portland’s everywhereman conceptual artist (currently in the OR Biennial). Now, Indiana and Adkins have come together like Tubbs and Crockett—sort of.

Indiana has created nine figurines of Brad (based, incidentally, on a photo I made of Adkins**), which are on sale now for a scant $50. Sez SWI:

many of you are aware that i have had a slight obsession with brad adkins for a few years now. this email marks the end of that obsession. to celebrate the past year or so, (i.e. “the obsession”) i have created a set of 9 figurines entitled, “brad.” they are for sale. you are the first people to whom i am offering a mini-statue (each stands about 5 inches). feel free to forward this to anyone else who might have an interest… so, let me know, first come first serve.


If you’re in the market for a tiny Brad, email symplvision@gmail.com. I want one!

*Waiting Room is a very cool piece that gets fumbled in the execution. I got very excited when I heard the description of the show: 39 axes all stuck in the ceiling above my head. Besides the theatrical narrative imagery, one of the reasons this piece is thrilling is because of the element of danger. You've got to figure that if an artist is going to dangle lethal tools above viewer's heads, s/he has figured out a way to do it safely, but the possibility of something going awry is what makes this idea so exciting. Its like a throwback to the dangerous art of the 70s (Burden, Le Va, etc). Well, the exectution doesn't quite hold. It's very clear that the axes aren't forcefully "chopped" into the ceiling: they're fitted into pre-cut gashes and are affixed somehow. Thus, the installation becomes "about" 39 axes stuck above your head, instead of being the real deal. Kind of disappointing, and not at all dangerous.



That's not an action figure, somebody scribbled a suit on a penis.

Looks more like TJ Norris.

Isn't that the gay guy from Arrested Development?

Brad Atkins "action" figure? that's kinda funny. Where's the Half-and-Half dream-diorama?

scott's just jealous because harvest has a thing for me.

the mini statues sold out in 3 days or so.

brad "do you know what I mean" adkins, making his indelible mark on the world once again.

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