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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Politics ??

Posted by Amy J. Ruiz on Thu, Jan 25 at 12:50 PM

I saw this on the back page of this week’s Mercury, then found it on Bishops’ website, too. I’ve stared at it for the better part of half an hour. But I can’t figure out why the hell City Commissioner Sam Adams posed for photographer Pasha, sans shirt, for Bishops. Any clue?


Is it because he finally shaved off that scraggly beard? (Scott and I had many conversations about that beard. Scott—who also owns a beard—was generally in favor of Adams’ scruff. I was opposed. He looked like he’d just gotten back from vacation and hadn’t had a chance to shave.)


I'm pretty sure that it's a new ad campaign that Bishops is doing, based on featuring local celebs. Morgan Grace was also in one.

What, Randy Leonard doesn't have one?

And what's he so scared of?

Looks to me like a roof is being raised.

whoop there it is

maybe he just thought it would be funny?

$10 says he didn't get that cut at Bishops.

Clearly, to win over the hipster mayoral voter demographic. Though, if Morgan Grace was running...

I'm sure it will make a great photo in his mayoral opponent's campaign literature.

I can understand why he posed--but who gets their hair cut while topless?

People who don't want to get hair all over their shirt collar!

I don't know about topless haircuts, but I'm pretty sure you can find topless haircutters.

Why Dave, who knew you were the wild one in that last Council race.

Ha! Let me just say I came of age in the early seventies... there's WAY more to me than fiscal conservatism!

Mental images. Not good.

"And what's he so scared of?"

I hate any subject having to do with hair.

Maybe he was afraid of getting the standard two-tone mullet bishops cut.

Where did his shoulder bones go?

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