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Monday, May 7, 2007

Music PDX Pop Does It For “The Kids”

Posted by Ezra Caraeff on Mon, May 7 at 9:33 AM


Last Friday PDX Pop Now! awarded the kids of Parkrose Middle School who took part in “Re-leaf” (the school’s homework completion incentive program), with a free local music concert. Performances by The Shaky Hands, Syndel (of Siren’s Echo), Alela Diane and Soul P went over very well for both the kids and the bands. The enthusiasm of the crowd was absolutely genuine (little kids don’t text message, or stand cross-armed, during concerts), and it rubbed off on the performers, who all seemed incredibly excited to be playing on a cafeteria stage and gymnasium floor.

Since not all kids were as fortunate as me, attending my first Huey Lewis (“Hip to Be Square Tour!”) concert at age 9, this was their first experience to not just live local music, but live music in general.

Thankfully no one took photos of me buying cigarettes for the kids after the show, but here are some of the day’s performances…

The Shaky Hands are the greatest thing to happen to Parkrose Middle School's cafeteria since Sloppy Joe Tuesdays.

Soul P got spirit yes Soul P do, Soul P got spirit how bout you?


What a great poster... I want one.

I don't recall seeing that poster when I attended PMS (granted it's been almost 20 years), but the dude in the picture does look awfully familiar . . .

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