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Friday, June 8, 2007

Portland No Tape Left Behind

Posted by Amy J. Ruiz on Fri, Jun 8 at 11:51 PM

Nearly 100 people, two hours, 90 percent of the parade route, and a full dumpster later, the Mercury’s Civic Clean-Up Squad can claim victory: The Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade Route is now free for anyone who’d like to take in the centennial celebration in the morning. There’s plenty of room for everyone on the sidewalks now!


No one got hurt, no one threatened us. We thanked anyone camping out for saving their spot in person, and passersby cheered as we ripped up the sticky litter. KGW reports. And Metblog’s Betsy has a great write-up of her truly amazing 9-year-old daughter—who did indeed yell “FREEEEEDOM!!” every time she added another piece of tape to her ever-expanding tape ball. Meanwhile, Lynn at Oregon Media Insiders made us blush, by calling this the “most brilliant street theater of the decade.” Aww.


Man, I wanted to go do that with you guys. But, it was too late for me by the time I found out where you were meeting.

nice foto of eric an the big ol wad of tape. glad you could get away from the freelance j-o-b

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this street action.Thank-you squid for the photos and special kudos go out to the Mercury for organizing this event.

Fuck yea Mercury! Nice work you all. Makes me proud to be a Portlander!

Hey Squid Vicious! GREAT PHOTOS! Can you email one or two to news@portlandmercury.com? The before and after one on Burnside Bridge are awesome.

It was sublime joy to actually do something about something that pisses me off in this town. My favorite memories of the evening of civic duty include pulling up tape at the feet of a well-heeled elderly couple as they cheered me on. "We're embarrassed that we aren't helping you" the blue-haired woman said to me, "Don't forget that piece."
The climax of the night came when we stood waiting for the light and contemplated the removal of several hundred chairs in front of Nordstrom. The chairs, tape, giant "reserved for Nordstrom" signs, and yellow flagging quickly became neatly stacked piles of chaos.
Kudos Mercury crew for having the stones to do something. Count me in for next year!

I saw all you people on my tee vee last evening during the 11:00 news on Channel 6.

Matt Davis is the new face of ANARCHY in Portland.

Cleaning up AFTER the festival would make much more sense people. You hardly did anything great except promote the Mercury.

My faith in Portland is renewed this morning. What percentage of the amazing Civic Clean-Up Squad are local bloggers? Just curious...

Tape Girl
Too much sugar for this kid

My wife and I had a blast pulling up the tape last night. Although I would avoid the fair like the plague it still bothers me that people claim ownership of a public sidewalk because of some sort of magic tape. What's to stop people from just doing it for the entire year? In my opinion the people who were against us and objecting to us were so childish and hostile that how could you take them seriously anyway? Way more people are with us than against us on this one I think. Good show and thanks for the good time. I will always remember pulling down all the Nordstrum chairs while cops drove by and did nothing.

I am so sad I missed out helping with Nordstrom. I guess we were on the other side of the street. In any case, I think we made life a little harder on the tapers.

Yeah, it took me a loooong time to get TapeGirl to go to sleep last night...

I don't quite know what to do with the tape ball, either. Oh - I know! It'll go with her to a city council meeting later this week...

so i've been watching the news this morning and have read the oregonians little piece and it seems the only conflicts that have arisen are with the spots where there was still tape
has anyone else heard anything???
i'm really not surprised there haven't been any conflicts

KPTV ran one gal who almost started crying on the air. She was horrible TV, tho, so Marilyn Deutch cut her off in mid-crying.

She said that they have done this same spot for many many years (I think it was 12--I was quite un-awake,) and she was not happy that someone else was in THEIR spot.

Oh, and KGW ran a piece about some of the first aid station spots being removed. They said that they had to scramble find spots for their stations.
The images shown indicated that they were using Police tape to cordone off the area they were using, but I don't recall seeing *any* police tape.

Note for next year's crew: Watch for the first aid stations, and leave them be. I bet that they will mark them more clearly next year.

Great Pics. Whos the hot blonde??

yeah i never saw ANY police tape.
next years crew should also have some of those pumps sprayers(the ones for weeds)to blast away the chalk.

and how do you nominate someone for grand marshal of the parade? because i'm thinkin someone should nominate however first came up with this idea next year.

I'm so bummed I wasn't able to join in yesterday. But count me in for next year.

I also agree that a post-parade clean-up effort would be worthwhile. Although how shitty is it that the people who come to watch the parade can't be arsed to not leave crap behind?

While I was picking up tape I ran into several of the police-taped first aid stations, which also had laminated signs indicating that was the purpose. I, along with all the folks around me, left them alone.

Redflyer:"Who's the hot blonde??"

That would be me.

Be sure and mark your calanders as this being the day you (however begrudgingly) got handed the keys to the car... Please be careful.

BTW - Don't be too harsh with Potter, if Frank Ivancie were still Mayor he would have had the National Guard tracking you down with "shoot to kill" orders.

This was so worth it. Thanks everyone!

I remember encountering one of the police-taped stations. It had a very official-looking letter attached. We puzzled a bit over what to do, then left it alone.

Oh - I know! It'll go with her to a city council meeting later this week...

Hey Betsy, what is she going to council for? To testify against the sit-lie ordinance?

Wow, those two people posing by the pole are very orange!

At any rate, thanks for doing this. I wish I had been there to help.


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