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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Portland Mercury Parking Lot Foursquare A Raging Success

Posted by Matt Davis on Wed, Aug 29 at 6:29 PM

UPDATE! 9.50am, August 30: Metroblogs’ Dieselboi has posted photos from last night’s tour of the studios on Flickr.

ORIGINAL POST: Thanks to all you local bloggers who showed up to play Foursquare in our parking lot this afternoon, before heading off to Katu’s so-called “blogger meet-up.” You know who you are. No, really. You know who you are. Because there were only three of you. So especial thanks to Rich Sipe, Kyle Buttil and Met’blogs ever-loyal Dieselboi, who all get a link for their trouble, and lots of free beer. Plus, Rich showed me how to create a GIF image! BONUS! Check out Scott Moore touching his face with his hand after watching the ball sail on past…foursquareparkinglot.gifPARKING LOT FOURSQUARE: A WHOLE TON OF FUN…DSC_0389.JPGPARKING LOT FOURSQUARE SUPPORT SQUAD: A WHOLE TON OF SLACKING…

Next year, we’re gonna double, maybe even triple the attendance at this event. To NINE. Although perversely, I don’t think I’d enjoy it quite so much if people actually showed up. I should also mention that creating a gif image is about as satisfying as I imagine it must be to actually give birth to a real life, human child. Good day.


Damn. I was totally going to be there but the arrival of our new son a day and half ago seems to have taken priority.

But you know what would've been awesome? Four square with a giant tape ball!

If I'd known a little earlier I totally would have been there, and brought a few bloggers with me. Ah well. Aaron, congrats on your new son.

Actually, that's "Burris".

My hand writing can't be that bad, can it?

its Kyle Burris

fun fun fun

had by all

watch out with the throwing of beers. dieselboi has depth perception issues. enjoy the weekend.

except for the guy in square two....he's from....another place.

Sorry Kyle, your writing is terrible.

Thanks for the raging good time. Glad I could help you bring forth into the world your first born animated gif. Just remember this is a power so dangerous it requires careful use.

You can checkout my Flickr photos of the event and the meet-up here:

Tag yourself if you see it or if you have a title since I haven't had time to rename them all yet.

Matt, sorry I missed the ex-intern off. Got held up at work. Jobs....

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