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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sports Your Daily Greg Oden

Posted by Ezra Caraeff on Tue, Aug 7 at 2:24 PM


Another day, another couple Greg Oden posts.

First off, the Blazers number one pick takes everyone on a Cribs-style tour of his Mom’s apartment. It’s a little anti-climatic, but if you want proof that Oden is grounded and not snorting his NBA paycheck while soaking in a hot tub of Cristal, then this is it. His mom made him share a room with his brother. Greg Oden is just like me, when I was eight.

Also, Oden talks to Vibe (see the above photo for proof that the dude cleans up pretty well) about the some hard hitting issues.

“The ozone layer. That’s something I like to be thinking about and to get involved in. With all the global warming stuff and all the gas and the oils and stuff like that, that’s a big issue.”

Gas and oil?
Well, that’s what one year at Ohio State will get you. Besides, his job is to dunk on Tim Duncan, not fix the planet. If the Blazers needed that, they’d have drafted this guy.


I feel sorry for the guy. If he doesn't immediately go out there and be "The Second Coming of Trail Blazer Basketball," then he's going to find people turning on him reaallly fast.

I mean, Jesus, he's dominated an enormous amount of "mediaspace" here for the past few months without it even being the actual season yet. The expectations being placed on him are insane.

I really don't think it will work out that way. I think more is going to be placed on Durant out the gate. Most writers have expressed that Oden is a building block player groomed to be the franchise in a couple of seasons. If he can get about 12-15 points, 8-10 rebounds and 2 blocks or so a game this year then I think most fans will be very happy.

totally. nobody expects oden to dominate this year. he has alot to learn. I think 15/8 would be phenominal numbers. 35 wins would also be very good for this team.

Those are reasonable expectations. Hard to think the Blazers will lose their top scorer and improve in the win column. Oden will have a lot of scrutiny on him, sure - but I think the real expectation, at least for me, is that he shows consistent improvement throughout the season. He'll have his off days, weeks - but is he developing? That's what will continue to excite fans as we head towards
a potential free agent windfall in 2009.

Gas as in carbon dioxide, oils as in gasoline products, I'm guessing, Ezra.

this from foxsports.com:
"The Oregonian ran a big feature on Greg Oden over the weekend, in which we learned a few things about the rookie:

* Trying to gain back the weight he lost after tonsil surgery, Oden is housing two double-cheeseburgers, fries and a pop every night at 1 a.m. His favorite spot to load up is a restaurant in Indianapolis called Cheeseburger in Paradise."

I can't believe a world class athlete would eat like this. please mix in a king-sized salad, Greg! I hope mom sets him straight and gets him a nutritionist...

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