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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sports Goodbye Greg Oden?

Posted by Ezra Caraeff on Thu, Sep 13 at 11:32 AM


Well, this is some horrible news.

No Sam Bowie jokes, okay? It’s just too soon.

At least we didn’t put him on our cover. Good call, Mercury!


What are you talking about, this is all part of the master plan. Oden is out, so we'll suck, and end up with the #1 pick next year (OJ Mayo), and then Greg will come back and we'll totally dominate and win the next 5 championships. Total brilliance.

God, that is genius. OJ! OJ! OJ!

ugh. this sucks.

but OJ! OJ! OJ!

except that you can't pay four players the max contract. which, if oden, roy, alridge (and mayo or whoever) pans out, is exactly what you would have to do.

I guarantee you he'll be fine. He's young, he's got a great work ethic and this procedure gets better every time they perform it.

Remember Zach Randolph... Remember Zach Randolph... Remember Zach Randolph... (keep chanting)

Also, we're going to be badass this year anyway. Any team would die to have LaMarcus and Channing Frye down low... plus they've upgraded at most every position from last year. I don't see how we can possibly be worse this year, other injuries notwithstanding.

Oh snap. You guys are taking cheap shots at Willamette Week to new heights!

If he got hurt this bad at his age.

Once he "recovers" what makes anyone think that he is not going to get hurt again. Specially of he tries too hard.

There is something wrong in this picture. He seems to be a nice guy. Sam Bowie is a nice guy. But as Jordan made it very clear, this is not about nice guys.

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