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Monday, November 12, 2007

Politics Interstate Businesses Consider Legal Action, Referendum, if Rename Passes on Thursday

Posted by Amy J. Ruiz on Mon, Nov 12 at 2:43 PM

Under an awning that did an admirable job keeping back the rain (not so on the wind, though), Bill Mildenberger Jr. of the Nite Hawk Cafe on Interstate just delivered a speech—a final plea before the city council votes on whether or not to rename Interstate Avenue for César E. Chávez on Thursday afternoon at 3 pm. Nearly a hundred residents and businesses owners joined him for the press conference—the “first press conference in the history of the Nite Hawk,” he noted.


Citing the strong opposition to a name change from neighborhood associations and businesses along Interstate, Mildenberger says he’s “saddened that our elected leaders haven’t listened to us.”

Mildenberger called on the council to still find “a reasonable way forward that honors Mr. Chávez without losing Interstate.” He also expressed his disappointment in Mayor Tom Potter, for his blanket characterizations of rename opposition as racist. “Mr. Mayor, that’s inappropriate. Shame on you!” The crowd cheered.

Businesses owners like Mildenberger are speaking with attorneys, exploring options like a temporary restraining order, should the rename pass. Another idea on the table: A referendum. Or, rather, a pair of referendums—one would outline a process for future renames, one that takes neighborhood sentiment into account. The other would roll back the Interstate rename unless it successfully completed the new process.

Mildenberger, however, hopes it won’t come to that. “Let’s look for the right solution, not just one that’s expeditious.”


I think this issue will ultimately be decided in the courts.

The Chavez committee clearly did not do their homework when they "selected" this street. Two major street re-names in one neighborhood in the space of a year is too much to ask.

Their "no compromise" entrenchment along with their crybaby enabler Potter, & comparing themselves to Martin Luther King's fight against institutionalized racism would be laughable if it weren't so hurtful and divisive to the people who live on this street. I will now find it hard to take anything seriously that comes from the mouths of these "community leaders".

Adams and Leonard showed they were willing to bend over backwards to give Chavez a major Portland street. What's wrong with a numbered avenue downtown for example? Downtown is for everyone rich and poor. I used to live on a numbered avenue downtown and would not have objected to a re-naming of my former street.

The only way I would support ANY street re-name for Chavez at this point is if Marta Guembes and Tigard resident Jose Romero had nothing to do with it. They have been nothing but dis-respectful to North Portland residents.

Yeah, I wonder if this will stand in the courts. I mean, clearly the City of Portland has a City Ordinance on the books with a pretty clear process for how street renames should be done. Clearly neither Council nor the Chavez Committee chose to follow it.

The question is A) Does this Ordinance take precedent over the actions of Council and the Chavez Committee?
B) Is it legally binding or can Council override it by voting for Chavez
B) If the Ordinance does stand, how and who will ultimately decide this? If this was written in City Code as a land use issue it would ultimately go to LUBA (the Land Use Board of Appeals) and then the State Supreme Court. However, I'm not sure who decides ordinance issues and in what manner.

Regardless, this has already become ugly, is potentially about to get more ugly, and really it didn't need to be this way if Council and the Mayor had just followed their own 'effin process in the first place. Duh.

If this has any chance of succeeding legally, I want to give a modest cash contribution to the cause of tying up the name change in litigation. I suppose the obvious person to get in touch with is Mr. Mildenberger.

Bill Mildenberger for City Council. I'm writing him in next time Sten is up for election! [laugh]

Bill Mildenberger for City Council. I'm writing him in next time Sten is up for election! [laugh]

the Chavez committee and its supporters are a bunch of short-sighted selfish people who have decided they don't really CARE if they negatively impact an already disenfranchised community by attempting to squash their community. Shame on all of you.

Do not expect me nor my North Portland neighbors to accept you after this is how you treat us.

You will have to work very hard to repair what you have done....oh wait, you don't CARE. Right. Next time someone asks me about immigration reform I have some new feelings about it thanks to you, and I am not the only one who now feels this way due to this.

I blame the city, but I mostly blame the committee and its supporters for refusing to respect North portland, its people, the city and its ordinances, and obviously anyone who is *gulp* *gasp* white.

You may win the street name, but you have lost the respect of the entire community of North Portland and made many enemies for your people throughout Portland because of your selfish and disrespectful ways.

Chavez rolls in his grave because of you.

Bill for commissioner!

we of North Portland will/should see that the signs (if) put up should be removed just as fast. Oh there are rules againt that? different rules than changing names on streets?This will be our stand.

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