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Monday, November 12, 2007

News No Guns In Class

Posted by Matt Davis on Mon, Nov 12 at 2:14 PM

Update, Nov 12: Willamette Week reporter Beth Slovic comments: “It was a MEDFORD teacher not a Portland teacher, which means it was a Jackson County case not a Multnomah County case, Matt. Reading is for lovers.” Jackson County, clearly, is a hotbed for militant gun-toting maniacs, so I withdraw my comments about Portland being a dumb place to try and set a precedent in such matters. Thanks for doing the “research,” Beth. The “reading.” Peh.

Orginal post:A Portland teacher has lost her right to carry a gun to school. Now, would somebody tell me why on earth gun rights activists would pick a court in Portland as the venue to set a precedent on this issue? “Oh, shuuuuuure,” said the judge. “We here in Portland are just suckers for gun rights.” Here’s Wikipedia, stating the obvious:

A gun is a common name given to an object that propels another object or projectile.
Guns are stupid. You Americans are stupid about guns. I was sitting in Citizens’ police academy a few weeks ago, listening to the group talk about how many guns they had at home, and how it was a great idea to keep one in a lock-box under the bed. And I thought, “YOU AMERICANS ARE STUPID ABOUT GUNS.”

Get over it. I promise, I promise, I am not going to try taking repossession of my colonial power the minute you get rid of them—which, let’s face it, is more about being better than you, anyway. And I don’t need a gun for that.


You are even stupider than guns.

Learn to write, learn to make a point.

When making a point about poor writing skills, it's usually not a good idea to use the word "stupider," stupid.

I knew someone would say that. I figured it would be Matt, though.

I couldn't agree with you more Matt.

know someone who used to be a teacher and is now in the PPD - and used to carry a gun to class...insane!

I have to say, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. From now on if I see a post written by Matt Davis, I'll just skip over it.

If you're trying to get people to ignore your work, then job well done.

Matt, you just get more and more stupid with everything you write. I miss Scott already, atleast he could put a sentence together.

No way Matt. As soon as I give up my rifle, you will try to quarter your Hessian mercenaries in my spare room.


Looks like Kate and "Matt is a Dolt" are members of the NRA.

isn't there more to that story though? The woman feared for her life and wanted to feel protected from a crazy man that was threatening her? pretty sure she isn't just your average gun toting american that wants to pack heat in the classroom.

Good question. I suppose I'd better "look into it" now.

When this poor woman winds up beaten or murdered, you are going to look even stupider than you do now. Shame on you.

And, cold dead fingers, you Limey communist gun-grabbing cocksucker. We kicked your asses out of here two centuries ago for a reason.

Ah yes, "cold dead hands." The famous inculcation of Charlton Heston in that Michael Moore movie where he makes the NRA look like morons!

Nice to see you on here though, Cabbie. I was worried you'd dropped off your perch...

While some people are nuts about their guns, guns do play an important role in our country. The second amendment serves as the last barrier to tyranny. You would think that with the trampling of the Constitution by BushCo, this would be more clear than ever.

So, er, how has our right to carry guns stopped Bush from doing that, exactly?

It was a MEDFORD teacher not a Portland teacher, which means it was a Jackson County case not a Multnomah County case, Matt. Reading is for lovers.

Oh I can’t resist. Cabbie and I had a wee fight about this over on Jack “the thin-skinned curmudgeon’s” Bog’s blog a while back. I can’t play there anymore after being banned for pointing out, politely by my standards, a factual flaw in his logic. Of course any debate about this always fails to go anywhere. After fifteen years in this country I’ve found only three things worthy of that massively over used phase “only in America:”
1. Shops feel it’s necessary to tell you to wear a shirt and shoes before coming in.
2. Blood tests are needed to stop you marrying your sister.
3. An astonishing number of people cannot seem to see the difference between having a gun and shooting someone and not having a gun and not shooting them. Until you get over that hump the carnage will continue.

I believe strongly in the right of a well-regulated militia to bear arms per the Second Amendment. For the National Guard not to have guns would be stupid. I feel for anyone who is under the stress of genuinely believing their life is in danger, though. And if it's a given that her ex is allowed to have a gun, it would only make sense that she is, as well. But neither is allowed to have a gun in a school.

Unlike both of you, I've had to deal with hard, tough shit in my life.

Fifteen years ago I testified as the main witness in a murder trial. The family of the man I helped to put away has made overt threats numerous times. They own a towing company fiefdom, and are some of the most ruthless people around. He comes up for parole, very soon from now.

SCOTUS has ruled that Law Enforcement is not responsible for protecting you from violent crime.

They are there to collect evidence after the fact.

So, until the day that I have an armed guard, like most leftist politicians and prominent anti-self defense advocates, I am faced with the adult decision on how to go about protecting myself.

As is the woman in Medford with the violent stalker.

For the record, I'm not a member of the NRA. My previous comment had nothing to do with gun control and everything to do with poorly written opinion/trolling put forth under the guise of journalism.

I thought you'd stopped reading, Kate.

Cabbie, I'm all in favor of self-protection. But don't bring guns to school, please. That's a taser zone, haven't you heard?

Beth, thanks for the info. I'll do a correction.

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