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Monday, January 28, 2008

News Cop Mourned Following Tragic Crash

Posted by Matt Davis on Mon, Jan 28 at 11:44 AM

Officer Mark Zylawy of NE precinct is being mourned following his tragic death yesterday morning.zylawy.jpg
ZYLAWY: Nicknamed ‘Z-man’ by fellow officers and arrestees alike…

Zylawy, a 17-year veteran of the bureau, died early Sunday when he was struck on Interstate 5 by a tractor-trailer rig as he waited by the side of the highway, having experienced car trouble. He had been on his way to work in Northeast Portland. The mayor’s office has ordered flags flown at half-mast on City buildings in his honor.

“Officer Zylawy was not only a great officer, but a great friend to many in the communities he served with compassion and concern,” said Mayor Potter. “His loss will be felt not only by the neighborhoods of Northeast Portland, but in every neighborhood in our city.

Here’s a release sent out the media by Zylawy’s family:

Mark (40 years of age) was born in France and raised in Montana. He received his degree in criminology from Montana State University and was hired by the Portland Police Bureau 17 years ago. Mark leaves behind his wife Patti and his four children, Tara (22) Kaitlyn (15) Austin (13) and Dawson (10). The family made Ridgefield Washington their home, where they enjoyed their family farm, raising Goats, Chickens, Cows and Cats. The family does not wish any immediate media contacts. Thanks for your understanding on this very tragic event.
Rest in peace.


I always hate hearing of someone dieing, but when it was a nice guy like Mark, that sucks even worse. I met him a couple of times thru work and he always seemed a great guy.
I am sure he will be missed by both his coworkers and the community.

Will the driver be prosecuted or was the cop in a "blind spot?"

Considering the long-standing hatred between cops and truck drivers, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the driver prosecuted.

By the way, anyone know how many deaths occurred last year in Oregon from bike/car collisions? To hear some people talk about it you'd think that number was in the thousands.

It's very true that he was indeed a very
unusual cop--by PPS standards at least--
and he will be missed by a great many of
we citizens, and we wish that dudes like
Jason Sery, Scott McCollister, Kyle "not
so nice" Nice, Christopher Humphreys and
others of this ilk would take their praise
of him seriously enough to try to model
his behavior. My grief in his passing is
sincere as is my sadness for his family.
May he rest in peace, for he was by all
accounts a PEACEMAKER who will be
sorely missed by all good
people in this community!

Officer Zylawy is the creature that tortured me, a thin and frail woman over 50, by taser and trashed my home because he didn't like that I did not answer him and because he knew that no one would care about my reporting his behavior. I did not have a history of violence or drug abuse, and no one claimed this on the day in which I was upset with someone on the phone. She called police to do a welfare check on me.
Zwlawy was apparently angry that I would not answer the door, for I heard and later observed him after he entered my home without permission, kicking and vandalizing my possessions, intentionally ruining some by jumping on them and by the way he threw them. He or his partner easily and quickly pulled open the door to my bathroom where I was talking on the phone in a calm voice to a counseling agency. When they opened the door I sat down on the floor cross legged, facing away from him and his huge partner. They both stood at the door and briefly tried to get me to speak to them but I was in my own home, very interested in what the woman on the phone was telling me,and had no idea at the time what the officers could possibly want me to say to them. This was not a choice that should have provoked a violent response on the part of the police. Not answering is not threatening behavior. They were towering over me. I was in full view of them, and not in a position in which I could turn quickly. If I had wanted to stand up, I would have first have had to uncross my legs and put the phone down. I continued talking quietly on the phone. Zylawy walked over to the phone jack, and yanked the plug while his partner remained towering over me. Zywaly returned to stand by his partner, who then said, "Turn around and talk to us so we can leave." I stayed sitting cross-legged with the phone in my hand. Zwlawy said to his partner, "Taze?" His partner said, "Yeah." Then he immediately tased me at full blast twice, which means 10 seconds of excrutiating pain. I spontaneously cried out and begged them to stop. When I stopped spasming from the tase they handcuffed me, which of course they could have done without tasering me, simply by reaching down and doing it. If I had moved while being handcuffed, they would have merely had to put hands on my shoulders and finish handcuffing. Zylawy tased me as I said, for one reason, to torture me. Everyone is human. When you call someone a saint you need to remember that perhaps you have seen the person treat certain people well, but Jesus said "whatsover ye do to the least of these, ye do unto Me." What I want to know is, did he die instantly or did he experience 10 seconds of the same level of pain he caused me?

To the "Victim". This is not the time or the place for you to spread your disrespectful garbage. You sound like a very ignorant person.

God bless you Z-man.

Thank you "victim of zylawy" for having the courage
to post your comment. With the language usage you
gave to composition, along with attention to sufficient
details, I have no doubt that what you wrote was the
truth. Certainly it was the truth for you! While I never
knew Officer Zylawy and am saddened by his death in
the tragic manner that it occurred, I nonetheless realize
that he existed within the "culture" of the PPB (and their
ever vigilant apologists PPA) where abuse of power has
become systematic and all to common a happening.
While I note that on other forums there is a great out-
pouring of "saintly" commentary, one is left to opine if
he was indeed any different than the others? Rarely
is anyone as "saintly" in public comments offered at
their death as they were in real life. Why are we to
think he is any different?

I feel a lot of this profuse commentary is result of "im-
pression management" opportunities taken--to a large
measure--to quell the rash of "bad press" that all law-
enforcement in this area have had lately, especially last
week in light of release of the consultant's report on
the flawed system and lack of public trust of the PPB
and their Independent Police Review Division. It's like
many are taking opportunity to lavish laudable comment-
ary towards him in the hopes it will diminish the previously
made unfavorable commentary that is shared by the en-
tire whole subgroup.

I sadly noted that "Ron Frashour" sought to intimidate
you for making your comment and labeled it as being
"disrespectful garbage" and labeled you as being an
"ignorant person", and that makes me wonder if indeed
he wasn't the other partner in this abuse of power in-
cident you write of? Usually, those who have done a
"bad deed" such as abuse of power have "raw nerves"
about being called out for such in a public manner, and
are likely to respond in tell-tale manners that tip-off the
observant public as to their culpabilities. Is that what
is the case here in such prompt response to your posting?

Frankly, I honor you for your telling, for it is in the sure
knowledge that a cops misdeeds will be eventually told
and made known to the public--even while other's mourn
their death--will an added deterrent be had to further
diminish these reprehensible acts. If a cop realizes that
his misdeeds will be recounted widely on the internet as
his family, friends, and associates mourn his untimely
death, then he may think more soberly in whether to act
rashly or not, and thus, may indeed live up to our expect-
ations of him and earn our truest respects--as an individual--
not simply because he wears a uniform with badge and carries
a gun. Thanks to the internet, those simplistic days are over
for now a level playing field is had by all, with those abusing
their power being held up for the rightful ridicule they so
richly deserve.

In the end, it really is their call as to whether they'll abuse
their power or not. But, they must be made well aware that
their misdeeds are far more likely now days to be reported
or caught on camera, and they must know that they'll pay
a price whether they are exonerated by their peers or not.
The public will have the last say whether they like it or not,
as their rightful respect is further eroded by their misdeeds
being found out!

Therefore, dearest "victim of Zylawy" you have no reason
to be ashamed in your telling, for now, only Zylawy's partner
and God know what the truth really is, and your telling is
viewed as a public service to keep the issue of abuse of
power firmly in our minds as reasonable grief is had for this
man's untimely death, which saddens us all no matter what
his job was, nor the truth of your telling. Peace!

To the family of Mark Zylawy: I wish to express my sincere condolences on your loss. I first met Mark when I was eleven, in Norton, Virginia. He was an Intern at the Norton Police Department in 1989, where my mother works as a dispatcher. Everyone who knew Mark thought the world of him. He had the ability to come to a small city, not knowing anyone, and leaving with lots of friends who dearly loved him. He will continue to be remembered by all who knew him at the Norton Police Department. For the comments made by "Hee Haw and Victim of Zylawy", you obviously did not know him as well as others did. He was a very kind hearted man and always made everyone around him happy. You are both showing disrespect to his family as well as the Portland Police Department. "Victim of Zylawy", you should be grateful that he and his fellow officer came to check on you. How would your family feel if they called you in as missing and no one ever came to check on you? You need to think about that before posting your ignorance. "Hee Haw" don't speak until you know someone or what you are talking about.

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