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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Books Incredible Change-Bots by Jeffrey Brown

Posted by The Guest Author on Wed, Jan 9 at 3:01 PM

Jeffrey Brown’s work typically falls into the confessional-autobiographical category, but his latest book, Incredible Change-Bots (Top Shelf), pays homage to the Transformers toys he loved as a kid. It looks like something a bored child would secretly draw during class, and the story feels like something you and a friend would devise on a rainy afternoon stuck inside with your toys.

The story’s pretty pointless: two teams of transforming robots fight each other. (For some reason. Not sure why. It doesn’t matter.) It’s charming, if slight, with some decent jokes and a couple political jabs. My favorite part: one of the Awesomebots (read: good guys) shoots one of the Fantasticons (read: not-as-good guys), who shouts back: “Hey, time out! My arm is stuck! Jerk.”
The book is enough to make me curious to check out Brown’s other work, a lot of which seems to be about his series of failed relationships with women. Which, when I think about it, is not so different from the themes of Change-Bots - a young male, playing with toys perhaps a bit too seriously, trying to claim dominion over the world.


So, "the story's pretty pointless," and the art is terrible (as we can see above)?

Yeah, I'll be sure to pick that up.


Its an indy comic. Its supposed to be full of idiosyncracy. Thats what makes it cool. Duh!

all snark aside

This will probably be bought by myself cause I'm a sucker for painfully indy comics.

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