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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fashion Laundry Day in My Apartment Building is Serious Business.

Posted by Erik Henriksen on Fri, Mar 14 at 2:04 PM



seems reasonable to me.

But the writer needs to consider that his cloths (sic) will get both bloody and full of holes. Hardly seems worth it. He should just go to the cloths store and get togs for a team that actually wins.

great submission for passiveaggressivenotes.com, though

Good luck hunting down your 'cloths'. Ha Ha Ha...

While definitely aggressive, I find that note to be anything but passive.

(see the passive part is about leaving a note instead actually confronting someone---in this case it sounds like that's all for the better)

Erik, you live with the Poor.

Hula, you think maybe the reason a note was left had something to do with the unknown identity of the cloths thief, and not so much a desire to avoid confrontation?

While the spelling and grammar are atrocious, at least the writer has constructed his note as a formal three-paragraph essay with a clearly delineated beginning, middle, and end.

Wearing a blazers sweatshirt and cloths is a sin punishable by death.

I took the sweatshirt.
I'm wearing right now.
I will never stop wearing it.
If I see you it's on.
Better work on your draw buddy.

Wow. Must have been very valuable "cloths."

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