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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Misc Best of the Worst of Online Comments

Posted by Ezra Caraeff on Wed, Apr 9 at 12:01 PM


Here at Blogtown, we love our commenters, even the ones that don’t love us. But as we bounce about the internet, it’s hard not to notice some of the less than stellar user comments that exist online. So, in honor of these commenters, here is our weekly salute to the Best of the Worst of Online Comments.

Site: netflix.com
Subject: The Wire, Season 3, Disc 1-5
Commenter: JO 103666
Location: La Follette, TN
Comment: “This is the worst movie I have ever viewed. Hopefully people do not use such language in their everyday lives.”

First off, dear JO 103666 might not be aware that The Wire is in fact a television program, and not a movie. Since this comment was posted on the Season Three page, that would mean that this person just might have watched all 36 hours of this “movie,” and I assume they were baffled on why they played the theme song (and rolled credits) every hour. Also, what sort of movie comes on 15 discs? Criterion?

Also how does one watch a show that examines drugs, crime, urban living, corruption, violence.. and only come away with the fear that people, in their “everyday lives,” might speak in profanity? True, the show is particularly found of vulgarities—and it quickly introduced the term “shitbird” into my personal cuss word lexicon—but I’d say that bad language is quite possibly the least important element of The Wire.

Further examination shows that our friend JO 103666 is not the Negative Nancy you might make him/her out to be. They have a long list of perfect five star reviews for such films as Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire (I see a theme here. One thing The Wire is definitely lacking is wacky cross-dressers.), and they decided to only submit a review for one item, and that was The Wire.


Site: netflix.com
Subject: The Holocaust
Commenter: JO 103666
Location: La Follette, TN
Comment: “Too much violence.”

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