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Sunday, May 18, 2008

News At The Back With Obama: A Tragedy, Continued

Posted by Matt Davis on Sun, May 18 at 4:17 PM

As you know, I didn’t get media clearance for today’s event, which means my wife and I got to hang out in the line with all the regular people. So long, elitists! First up, meet Kelly Shelton, 31, a cook at Clark Lewis. He was wearing an Obama shirt, but gave up being in line to see Obama speak, at 2pm. I caught him as he walked away from the line at Park and Main…
Shelton: “I started to get hungry, and there’s no way we’re going to get in there. We’re going to go get a pannini and go to the art museum.”

True grit, Kelly. True grit. These two, on the other hand, were true optimists. The last people in line, Steve Nixon (34) and Karla Clark(34). “We would have been here at 11:30,” said Clark, “but we were serving homeless people chili dogs under the Hawthorne Bridge.” Where’s the karma in that? These people should have been RIGHT AT THE FRONT, if there were any justice in the world…
002.jpgHere’s Gabriela Goldfarb with her children, Nora and Talia Simon. They’d come out from Mount Tabor, “I wanted my kids to hopefully see the next president of the United States and be excited about how we make our own government,” said Goldfarb:
Next in line, Ying Ouyang and Roshelle Vance. “I’ve seen him on television, but seeing him in person will be different, I don’t care how long it takes to get in, just knowing we showed up is enough,” said Vance. “He has fresh ideas and can give people hope,” said Ouyang:
Tim Frasier, 24, in the Obama t-shirt, had dragged his friends Sarah Stevenson, 24, and Aaron Martin, 25, along. Martin said he was drunk when he got Frasier’s email from Obama’s site on Thursday night, and just agreed to sign up. The next evening he got a call from Obama’s campaign asking him to volunteer. “I said yes again,” said Martin. “But I don’t think I can actually do it. I have a biology exam to sit, and if I don’t show, I won’t graduate.” Excuses, excuses. “We were saying wouldn’t it be great if there’s Obama water on sale when we get down there,” said Frasier. “For like $25 a bottle. It’s going to be elitist water…”
Vanessa Herald, 27, and Jeannie Songer, 26, both had extraordinary jobs. Herald was a garden education teacher (what’s that?) and Songer was a researcher. She researches circadian rhythm disorders, which apparently are when people’s biorhythms get out of whack. It’s like being jet-lagged all the time. “I’ve been an Obama supporter ever since I heard him speak at the Democratic National Conference in 2004. I’ve just been inspired by what he stood for,” said Songer. The pair of them had been in line for two hours! “It’s been a practice in patience, but it’s so worth it,” they said:
Last but not least, here’s Alison Fish, Steven Tan, and La Nita Jones, from Tucson and San Jose…they’re supporting Hillary Clinton. “I believe in her so much,” said Jones. “This campaign’s not over yet!” Jones said she’d been “flipped off a few times,” but that she just “gave people the peace sign in return.” That’s diplomacy, La Nita. Way to go. Fish, meanwhile, said she was for Obama until January. “I just heard his hope speech for the third time and realized it didn’t say anything,” she said. “Now I’m for Hillary.”
Eventually, thanks to some good old fashioned English queue-jumping, (SORRY. If you only knew the handkerchief-twisting guilt this caused me, you’d understand why it was in no way selfish…), we managed to get in at the very back to see, er, well, to, er…be in the same square mile as Barack Obama:
Also, I managed to snap this great shot of the man himself, slightly obscured by a big bald head in the foreground…baldhead.jpg
But remember, folks. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts. Thanks to everyone I spoke to for brightening up my afternoon. Lining up was well worth it, just to meet you. So perhaps this afternoon’s play was a comedy, after all. There, you see!!! Obama even made me optimistic, just by lining up to see him. What a leader…what a man…now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m somewhat thirsty. And I appear to be hallucinating from heat exhaustion.


This asinine post serves me right for checking the Mercury first when I was looking for an intelligent report on Obama's speech today. Typical self-serving non-journalism from Matt Davis. I thought I would just TRY the Mercury for some actual information. Just goes to show that nothing's changed since I checked a few months ago.

Dude, you could have just gone to "section 2" (from where it looks like you took that picture). I showed up in the middle of The Decemberists set and went straight in. No line. And this section had volunteers handing out free water.

Obama 08, my assumption is that you'll get your "actual information" from those from the Merc who WERE there as cleared press. If Matt's post were the only thing you could expect as coverage here, you're whining might have a point. But since it isn't the only thing you can expect, what's wrong with the Merc also having this?


jeez, i gotta figure Obama08 is suffering from heat stroke or something. i enjoyed the post. on top of everything, a free performance by The Decembrists was pretty dang cool. of course, i was up near the front (thanks to KC for the blue ticket) and that helped. i enjoyed your post a lot. thanks for doing the dirty work of real journalism!

matt - you're a jerk for queue jumping and i'm a bit of a sod for waiting in line for 2 hours to hear 5 minutes of the speech. however, it was worth the experience

Obama fans + Decemberist fans = Smug, deluded idiots with no musical taste. Obama spins fantastical yarns similar to those of Colin Meloy---and I LOVE it!!!

Except for the one photo of the Asian and African American, this post should go on Stuff White People Like.

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