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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Election 2008 Carlyle Group Managing Director Donates Max to Steve Novick

Posted by Amy J. Ruiz on Tue, May 13 at 6:36 PM

Have you ever heard of the Carlyle Group? It’s a “multinational conglomerate” that “actually gained from 9/11,” according to an extensive segment in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. The Bushes have worked for it, the Bin Ladens have invested in it. Etc etc.

Why does this matter? Well, maybe it doesn’t—you be the judge—but one of the firm’s managing directors, James Attwood, just gave Democratic Senate candidate Steve Novick the maximum donation, $2300, according to the campaign’s latest 48-hour filings (on page 7, though Attwood’s name is misspelled).


Do most candidates have a donor they wish they didn’t? Sure. Is this one especially, just, well… kinda icky? Yep. I’ve left a message with Novick’s campaign for comment.

Novick’s campaign manager Jake Weigler responds (and hits right back at opponent Jeff Merkley):

James was a law school classmate of Steve’s at Harvard and both graduated in 1984. He gave to the campaign due to his personal relationship with Steve and not to curry political favor. I think it should be clear to anyone in Oregon by now that you aren’t going to sway Steve Novick’s opinion on an issue by making a political contribution.

It is impressive that the Jeff Merkley would start casting stones about political donors. This is a man who has taken money from people at Henry Kissinger’s firm, from Wal-Mart, from the tobacco industry and tobacco lobbyist, from drug company executives and lobbyist, and from oil industry lobbyists. The public should appreciate exactly where Jeff Merkley’s out-of-state bankroll is coming from and I don’t think they are all personal friends of Jeff’s.


That's just plain weird.

Sorry if this posts twice - technical difficulties. But, it looks like Novick and Attwood were at Harvard Law together. Maybe this is not as sinister as this looks... Fortune just posted a national story on Steve, old (rich) law school buddy sees it and sends some cash?

If everyone who went to Harvard Law School (or even Brand X Law School, like the one I went to), or to The U of O or any other college, were foreclosed from raising money from classmates, it would be pretty much impossible for anyone to raise money.

In the absence of any obvious ideological explanation, the personal friendship certainly seems to explain this adequately.

In the interest of full disclosure I should add that although I am somewhat older than Steve and never went to school with him, I have raised money for him from my own classmates! So it doesn't surprise me at all. Especially if an Ivy League school is involved, remember what Willie Sutton said. %^>

As a fervent Novick supporter who loves the idea of his senate candidacy...

I don't like this one bit. Just look in Minnesota, where Al Franken has taken such a huge hit because he didn't know how to pay his taxes. (to be fair, he payed 100% of what he owed, but just to the wrong places) It's definitely hurt him in the polls against a similiar center-right senate candidate Norm Coleman.

In short, thank you to the Mercury for finding this, and...yeah, I don't like this one bit.

WADR, Aaron, I think you are being unrealistic.

First of all, people raise money from their classmates - it's a fact of life - and HLS classmates tend to have money.

The guy appears to be an ardent Democrat if you look at his contribution history online here and here and here.

I for one am grateful that some people with a lot of money are Democrats and give to Democrats, because if they didn't, only Republicans would ever get elected.

This is just a smear job on a candidate who any rational person knows isn't about to do favors for any donors based on their donations.

Steve's willing to stand up for what's right if he disagrees with the base, with his donors, and with what's politically easy. That's part of what we love about him.

Carlyle has read the writing on the wall and wants to keep their kajillions of dollars in federal contracts and continue their track record of legislation favorable to their over 1,000 affiliate companies. They have two blue ex-Clinton folks on payroll, Mack McLarty and David Marchick.

Nevermind their failures with LifeCare Hospitals (24 patient deaths post Katrina) and Vought Aircraft (Boeing dumped them from a joint venture for holding up 787 Dreamliner production).

They need stooges like Evan Bayh to keep the streak going. Is Steve Novick next?

Uhhhhh....yuck. There is obviously a personal relationship so it makes sense. I do wonder why Novick wouldn't have told his buddy at Carlyle that it's probably not a good idea to donate to his campaign considering who he works for.

You know, I once had a friend (who still lives in Beaverton as far as I know). We worked together and partied together and went on an overseas job together. Fun guy. Knew how to hold his liquor, and so on.

One evening at a restaurant over in NW, he told us all the story of how he "married" a thirteen year old girl in Africa while on a job there, and abandoned her when he left.

My friend thought that behavior was just dandy because "that's how they do it over there".

Now I ain't no saint, but some behaviors are so repulsive that to remain friends with him after hearing that story would automatically be an endorsement in my mind, and would reflect directly on me.

I haven't spoken to my ex-friend in over ten years.

Where is the bottom in this decision by Novick? The Damned Carlyle Group? Fer cryin' out loud.

Carlyle Group, huh?

Just coincidence, huh?

Isn't that the excuse everyone gives?

The eyebrows are properly being raised over this not because they were classmates, but rather that Novick has a close personal relationships with people at the Carlyle Group.

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