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Friday, May 30, 2008

News Jack McClellan: I don’t know where else to go. Cop: How about Thailand?

Posted by Matt Davis on Fri, May 30 at 10:51 AM

Admitted pedophile blogger Jack McClellan says he was harassed by two cops at Powell Butte park yesterday.

Last time McClellan alleged police harassment was in November 2007. Since then, he’s returned to Portland, now claims to be homeless, and can often be spotted walking around the city doing his best to lower property values and challenge our alleged liberal attitudes (about FREE SPEECH you perv, not molesting children).

McClellan says he was eating a sandwich in the park yesterday when a park ranger came up and started talking to him. Then, a patrol car rolled up with two cops inside.

“All of a sudden they started focusing like a lightning rod on me,” says McClellan. “They were asking me my name and phone number, but I’m sure they knew who I was.”

“They told me ‘we just don’t feel this is a good place for you,’” he continues. “And I asked them why, and they said ‘we’re afraid you might grab a kid off the trail and run off with them.’”

“I told them I didn’t know where else to go, and one of them said ‘How about Thailand?’” he says. “The feel was, you’re on our turf, get out of here. I had no choice but to sit there and talk with them, but I didn’t know what they were going to do.”




Slow day in the blog world, huh? Hey, how about that Scottie McClellan and his new book?

the answer to the challenge to our liberal values is that this dude needs mental health care, not a media blitz and various harrassment.

i don't know how to make that happen, but i think portland could step up and fix this dude.

We can fix him.

Sure, I could benefit from some regular mental health counseling (as could most people probably) -- but what I really need now is an affordable room to live in. If I had that, I wouldn't be hanging out in parks and libraries all day or using the public transportation system anymore than necessary. When I arrived in Portland last September I got the impression that there were all these social service agencies who would help someone like me get into a place. I've investigated several of them, but they've all essentially told me "you're on your own -- good luck". I don't know if I'm being treated differently because of my infamy, or the housing situation here for low-income people really is that bleak.

In the meantime, I've been exploring outdoor areas where I could spend most of my days and hang out by myself away from large numbers of children and not alarm people. Thursday was my first visit to Powell Butte, and I immediately fell in love with it and thought I could spend a few days a week up there because it's a vast, relatively wild area where I can't imagine you'd ever see prepubescent children roaming around unsupervised (there are no playgrounds, and I was telling the park ranger about a big cat I saw that morning when when the cops rolled up). Would you rather have me hanging out in the meadows and woods of an area like that, or sitting in Jamison Square all day and staring at the kids playing in the water?

Sorry, asshole. There's no room at the inn for a disgusting pariah like you.

I doubt counseling will ever fix your twisted reality, but I'd be happy to beat the shit out of you if given any semblance of a reason. Please get the hell out of Portland.

Sorry, "dad" -- that's what you get for living in one of the most liberal, tolerant, libertarian, open-minded, gay-friendly, weirdo-friendly, recreational drug-friendly cities in America: it's naturally going to attract fringe outcasts like myself. I figure if I can't make it in Portland, I'm not going to make it anywhere in America -- so I'm making my stand here and asserting my right to be in all its public spaces -- just like any other law-abiding ciizen. Maybe YOU should be the one to find a more appropriate home -- I noticed that Gold Beach is quite redneck (and scenic). As for threatening me with violence: what a great example you're setting for your children. Do you beat them as well when they disagree with your authoritarian tripe?

I'm going to contact some attorneys this week and look into the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the Portland Police Bureau over the Powell Butte incident. I'm not looking for any monetary damages -- just an official acknowledgement from some higher-ups like Chief Sizer or Brian Schmautz that I have a right to be in that park just like any other law-abiding citizen, and that the cops are not to approach me with the intention of pressuring me out just because they don't like my thoughts.

Can't you just go away?

none of us feel sorry for you. NONE OF US FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.

no one is thinking "oh poor lil' pedophile got harassed at the park. must be so rough for him."

you are sick and nothing will fix you so just GO AWAY. you brought this on yourself.

I think Jack should get himself a toga and carry around a small harp or maybe a pan flute. If he were to daily reenact the mysteries and perhaps go on a fast or some such thing, maybe we'd come appreciate his ardor over the local 'tween-fauna.

Although, he'd have to promise that once we grew tired of his shtick, we could back him into a corner and stone him. Now that's good entertainment!


There's a solution to your housing problem. It's called a job. You should get one.

Of course you will probably have to go somewhere they don't know you in order to get one. Try Boise.

Hey Jack,

You just need to go away. Using the "I have no where else to go" excuse just so you can hang out in Parks? You are a disgusting person, and one of these days someone will kick your ass big time hopefully.

I say GREAT job by the Police! This guy NEEDS to be harrassed everytime he is seen. He needs to be run out of town!

JACK- You are NOT welcome in the Portland area anymore at ALL. Leave now!

Jamison Park is probably the best place for him - or the whole Pearl itself. Few kids, and a lot of rich people to panhandle.

And please stop attention-whoring. I don't really care one whit about you, but the press seems to want to chronicle your every move.

Aspiring Pedophile Jack-

Creating a public disturbance IS a crime, as is attempting to incite a riot. As you've made your interest in sex with prepubescent girls a matter of public record YOU opened the door to police scrutiny. YOUR need for attention and narcissistic belief that you have the right disrupt the enjoyment of families and their children because YOU like it is at best ridiculously immature, grow up, your 45 years old not 2! The id stage is over!!! You don't get to do what you want, just because you want to! (And fortunately for you, neither do I) The stress you claimed to have felt, (that you whined about on your pitiful website, 'poor me I was so upset by being questioned by police I had to call myself an ambulance’) when I alerted Portland Police to your presence 10 feet from MY daughter, hovering around the kids stage at the waterfront carnival, is nothing like the stress I felt when I realized that the money I'd been saving up in order to be able to treat my daughter to the carnival was now wasted (as I had no question I was in the presence of danger once you showed your pasty white stubbly face!! ) You don't know stress! The fact that you admit to carrying a knife on your same whiny rant does nothing to ease my fear. And to then see you in front of a church preschool just days later on Sandy Blvd, in an area where I can think of no reason why you'd be there since you claim to live in NW, in MY neighborhood, which has scant little in the way of resources, with your selfish disgusting nastiness, sent MY blood pressure to a level you've never known the likes of. Do you have any idea how much childhood you steal from kids with your existence? Find a small, uninhabited part of Alaska, donate yourself to science, catch a space shuttle and STAY. What you suffer from is not mental illness, it is not lifestyle choice, it is selfishness, entitlement and the privilege of copious amounts of free time. Stay the fuck away from kids or I can assure you YOUR blood pressure may be rising to a level you may not being able to withstand from the stress you will endure if we continue to cross paths. And note Jack, I won't be visiting your website again so don't get your ego all inflated. You’re not worth my time, now that you know where it stands. Pack warm clothes, it’s cold on the Tundra!

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